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Creating the conditions for all youth to maximise their potential so that they can build the future they want to see.

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About Batch Accelerator :

A young people (under 25) accelerator programme .

A journey of self discovery, with resources, support and mentorshi.

Create a business, a sustainable project or a social enterprise.

Why Batch Accelerator:

The Brave Venture and Stand Tall are partnering to bring Batch to Tauranga, hence Batch Tauranga ;)

Batch runs once a year in our region over a quarter.

Batch provides a natural pathway for young people who aspire to build a business

Batch Tauranga is a youth idea accelerator programme, in partnership with The Brave Venture.

It is for young people that may have come out of the YES programme, and/or ended their high school journey, are not going to uni or taking a gap year and have an idea they want to explore.

Batch takes young people on a journey of self discovery, providing them with resources, support and mentorship to build out their dream and create a business or social enterprise.

What to expect from Batch Tauranga:

  • Learning
  • Understand core customer problems and use your learnings to solve their problems
  • Expand on networks in the community, New Zealand and beyond
  • Get help with building a team with the help of Stand Tall and The Brave Venture's mentor pool

Programme Structure:

Batch is geared to run once a year and its target is anyone that is 25 years of age or younger. The programme, run over a quarter, will help clarify an idea that you want to validate. The programme structure follows these core principles:

  • Validation
  • Iteration
  • Product Build
  • Connection

The Final

The final for Batch will include a ‘Demo Day’ where all teams talk through their venture with the hopes of gaining industry attention to help solidify your business plan. 

Get involved  as a Batch Tauranga Participant,  as a Batch Tauranga Sponsor or by volunteering as a Batch Tauranga Mentor by messaging us your interest.