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Creating the conditions for all youth to maximise their potential so that they can build the future they want to see.

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Interconnecting Pathways
Our pathway approach is flexible to enable discovery and referal from our Delivery Partners. The pathway activities are multiple to create onramps and they repeat (some on demand) to increase accessibility.
Stand Tall Pathways and Programmes

Entrepreneurship Pathway includes:

Get set (Problem + Ideation + Teamwork) - short workshop.

Activation (Teamwork + Problem solve + Equip + Present ) - experience & community showcase.

Execution (Problem-solve + Design + Build + Present) - programme & community showcase.

Digital Pathway includes:

Inspiration (Interaction with role models) - short event.

Discovery (Is this for me?) -  'boot camp' experience.

Activation (Kickstarting a career pathway) - programme with work experience.

These dual pathways are interconnected and complement one another. Components are facilitated in person to equip youth with practical, proven skills and methodologies used globally. Delivered in authentic, youth-centred settings and based on real-life situations, youth identify projects they want to work on and explore safely how to solve the challenges that affect them. In doing so they develop their ability to take initiative, problem solve, work in a team, and manage and plan a project.

These soft skills are recognised as essential for the future of work. Youth gain real-world experience and interact with innovation superstars, which also increase their confidence and resilience. We work closely with programme partners, delivery partners, including schools and youth-focused organisations, and innovation sector partners to ensure our diverse youth access the best in content and know-how.

Mentoring Programme:  Youth access dedicated mentors from the innovation community. Youth are matched with mentors who are willing to share knowledge and experience and are committed to seeing them succeed. Mentors commit to increase their youth-readiness through supporting youth in their entrepreneurial journey.

Work Experience: Youth increase their opportunities to experience the workplace through dedicated connections created through both pathways. The period of Transition is thus lengthened to provide ample opportunities to own and practise work-readiness capabilities.

Impact: Increase equity is achieved through greater visibility of and engagement with the innovation sector and access to capabilities pathways.

This impact is gradual and measured over time through augmented participation, resilience, employability and self-actualisation. Also, our youth’s ability to lift each other up, pave the way for those to come and stand tall.