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Creating the conditions for all youth to maximise their potential so that they can build the future they want to see.

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About Onramps Workshops:

Designed to ignite interest in entrepreneurial and digital skills and mindsets

Learn by doing methodology

Co-created and co-designed in partnership with workshop partner(s) (school and/or youth services)

Focus on school engagement, vocational engagement, alternative pathways

Examples of Onramps Workshops:

"Who Am I?" workshop series with GATEWAY students

"CV not CV" strength-based workshops series

Youth-led project readiness and feasibility

Making and entrepreneurship, out of school experiences

Why Onramps?

Onramps workshops
are designed as 'pilot' activities to introduce and ignite interest in entrepreneurship and its related fields. There are multiple ways to achieve the engagement of young people in these areas, especially for those who don't have ready access to entrepreneurship programmes.

The benefits for young people include:

+ increased sense of self
+ connections to their strengths and passions
+ opening their range of choices

Through Onramps, young people develop aspirations in areas they had not been previously exposed to, as well as connections with the innovation community.
They learn to connect their life experiences to work experiences, through discovering entrepreneurial capabilities.
These capabilities complement both their education and employability pathways and bring increased clarity to make positive choices.

Stand Tall takes a partnership approach to create and deliver Onramps Workshops for young people aged 15+ to meet young people where they are at.
Be in touch if you would like to increase your young people's engagement, participation and employability, message us here.