Stand Tall Community Trust

Creating the conditions for all youth to maximise their potential so that they can build the future they want to see.

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Our Purpose
Investing In Our Youth’s Future.

The Stand Tall Community Trust is established to meet the needs and wants of our youth-led community, now and beyond. We are committed to our vision of a future where a talented, innovative and entrepreneurial community participates fully in Aotearoa's long-term economic, social and environmental prosperity. A future which effectively addresses equity by removing barriers to the skills, tools and mindset of innovation. A future that sees connectedness, increased resilience, employability and self-actualisation. We believe that this future is achieved by increasing access to and participation in innovation for the youth in our community.

We partner and create the conditions for youth (aged between 16 and 24) to maximise their potential so they can build the future they want to see.

In this environment, youth will unlock their talent, and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit and growth mindset with unlimited access to the skills, tools and mentors. Fully equipped, our youth will be ready to address challenges that affect them most, connect with their purpose, and participate in global long-term economic, social and environmental prosperity.

We have their backs.

Stand Tall understands the generation gap in both workforce and career perceptions which can cause tension for both young people and employers.

Our work plays a critical role in socio-economic development by improving youth skill sets and mindset to better match the existing innovation sector and future roles within it. We provide opportunities for youth to gain practical real-world work experience and support employers by bridging the gap between skills needed and the demand for talented young people.

Mutual understanding of right-fit talent.
Alternative skill pathways, focused on enterprise skill development addressing work readiness and self-actualisation.
Soft skills and entrepreneurial mindset development. Eg: strengthening self-awareness and identity, taking initiative, working with others, creativity, motivation and perseverance, problem-solving.
Applied digital and software skills, including safety online.
Autonomy to navigate career path opportunities.
Increased work experience opportunities through sustained engagement with the innovation sector.
Mentoring programme with innovation sector specialists and experts.
Wrap-around services to support authentic work experience.