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About Young Enterprise Scheme (YES):

A national, in-school programme for senior secondary students.

Students discover and improve their entrepreneurial mindsets by building and running a real business

A year long programme supported with challenges to maintain focus and energy.

YES and Stand Tall:

Stand Tall is the YES Delivery partner in the Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty, Whakatāne and Rotorua regions.

We manage all YES regional events and challenges.

We activate connections between school and business for mentoring and programme growth.

Help tomorrow’s young entrepreneurs.

YES is a Young Enterprise programme. Stand Tall is the regional programme partner as we want to encourage innovation and provide foundational business skills for the next generation of business leaders locally and beyond.


The Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is an innovative and dynamic program designed to foster entrepreneurial skills among senior high school students. This hands-on initiative offers young people a unique opportunity to experience the startup world by creating and running their own businesses over the course of a school year.

Under the guidance of regional coordinators, educators and mentors from the local business community, students form companies, develop products or services, create business plans, and market their offerings to the real world. The programme is well-structured, providing participants with resources, workshops, and events that cover a wide range of business topics, including ideation, market research, finance, sales, and product development.

YES is not just about business theory; it's a practical approach to learning. Students are encouraged to think creatively, solve problems, work collaboratively, and develop leadership skills. They also gain real-world experience in managing finances, understanding legal requirements, and engaging in sales and marketing activities.

One of the highlights of the YES programme is its competitive aspect. Throughout the year, student companies have the opportunity to participate in regional and national competitions, showcasing their business acumen and competing for awards. These competitions not only provide a platform for recognition but also serve as a significant learning and networking opportunity for the participants.

Beyond the practical business experience, YES instills in students a sense of responsibility and ethical business practices. It emphasizes sustainability, community impact, and social entrepreneurship, encouraging young entrepreneurs to consider not just the profitability of their ventures but also their contribution to society.

The Young Enterprise Scheme has proven to be a successful model for experiential learning, equipping students with essential life skills, increasing their employability, and inspiring a new generation of innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs in New Zealand. Through YES, students not only dream about the future of business but actively take part in shaping it.

Get involved! There are multiple ways to be part of it as a YES Student, a  YES Teacher or by volunteering as a YES Mentor by messaging us your interest.