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Sunday, 17 March 2024 01:04

Rangatahi & Entrepreneurship: it takes a village!

Youth at Business Challenge event Youth at Business Challenge event

At Stand Tall, we've set out to increase access to the skills, tools and mindset of entrepreneurship to more young people. Too many young people just don’t get the opportunity to participate in and shape innovation.

In order to understand the actors and factors that can help address this equity challenge, we have focused on connecting within our ecosystem. In year one, we have placed focus on community building and have interacted with the many actors that can be associated with our young people's journey. We've mapped these interactions, seeking to understand from our young person's perspective the drivers and barriers they come across.

(hint: click on image below for Ecosystem Map video 😃)

First we sought to understand everyone’s role and position in youth development, both in an education setting and a community setting.

Then we asked what were as their current perception of entrepreneurial and digital capabilities and what they are doing to support their development.

Which led us to clarify how young people might open their own doors into entrepreneurship and through this experience, ready themselves to participate in innovation.

We will continue to seek to understand the friction and how to overcome them by taking a joined up approach at the intersection of education and innovation. Be part of our journey:  your thoughts, inputs, gifts of time and resources help us create more equitable conditions for our young people. 

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