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Wednesday, 01 November 2023 00:31

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chloe Davison

 Each year well over 4000 Kiwi ākonga around Aotearoa form teams to participate in the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES). This year in the Western Bay of Plenty, students from schools across the Bay of Plenty created and ran 27 new companies, completing a series of challenges including validation, promotion, sales and pitching.

We celebrated the 2023 YES Regional Finals at Club Mount Maunganui in October with four teams pitching and a total of 14 teams receiving awards. 


Our Entrepreneur of the year, Ōtūmoetai College ākonga Chloe Davison - CEO of this year’s regional runner-up team Hauora Home -  sat down with us for a korero.  Hauora Home is a snakes and ladders inspired board game incorporating mental and emotional well-being awareness, physical activity, and spiritual well-being awareness, all while engaging students in a constructive way, outside of technology. 




In a year of YES highlights for you, which of these has been the most memorable for you?


I think seeing the impact of our product actually in primary schools, and seeing students' engagement with the game has been the most memorable to me.




Part of the YES learning experience is overcoming many challenges and building up a higher problem solving capacity.  How have you overcome some of these challenges?


YES, while worth it, is incredibly time consuming. It was interesting to figure out how best to use our time, while still completing tasks to a high standard. We needed a very comprehensive calendar schedule and to-do list.


What is the main lesson you can take away from the YES experience to apply in your day-to-day life?


When you get a task, just do it. No procrastinating or dilly dallying. 


What are your future plans and has the YES programme assisted you with making this decision? 


I am going into media and journalism. One thing YES has really helped me with is being able to lead a meeting and communicate with outside vendors well. I know this will be really helpful when I go into journalism, or even in my plan b of marketing. 



What one piece of advice do you have for future YES ākonga?


Have a good team. Make sure you can enjoy your time and make everything fun.




Want to know more about mentoring and YES? Get in touch with us!